Nous pensons que la bonté réside dans le cœur de chaque Canadien. Aidez-nous à célébrer la bonté! Vous connaissez un Canadien au cœur d'or qui mérite d'être reconnu? Quelqu'un qui travaille à faire de sa collectivité un endroit meilleur. Proposez sa candidature ou votez pour votre candidat préféré dès aujourd'hui!

Le gagnant recevra 10 000 $* pour continuer à faire encore plus de bien autour de lui. Si le récit gagnant représente un effort collectif, le montant du prix sera divisé en parts égales entre les membres de l'équipe gagnante.

* Voir le règlement du concours pour obtenir plus de détails.

NOMINATION EST CLOSE Les nominations prennent fin le 23 avril 2017.
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  • Edmonton>, AB
    Brenda Der

    Brenda Der, who once owned former Edmonton staple B's Diner, has fed Edmontonians in need for almost two decades. She possesses one of the biggest heart ever! The former owner of Bs Diner — a Whyte Ave...

  • Québec >, QC
    Jacques Boucher

    Mon grand-père est pour moi le symbole de la bonté. À tous les jours il tente de semer le bonheur autour de lui...

  • Edmonton>, AB
    Hana Kadri

    Hana Kadri is a post secondary student studying Education at the University of Alberta. Alongside school Hana works a part time job at the St Albert Servus Centre, plays soccer in a women’s league and volunteers at various elementary schools throughout the city...

  • Dieppe>, NB

    In 2012, two highschool teachers, Nancy Parker and Ginette Goguen started a handmade cards making business with their special needs students. TRANSITION offers a place for theses often underestimated teens to practice job skills in fine motor dexterity, communication, finance, personal growth...

  • Edmonton>, AB
    Ameen Kadri


  • Thunder Bay>, ON
    Don Vantaa

    Founder of PAWS rescue and is the best when it comes to helping animals. He and wife Donna open their home to cats and dogs that others turn away due to illness or injury and they have helped more animals in the community than anyone else I know...

  • notre-dame-du-mont-carmel>>, QC
    eric forest

    Cest une personne genereuse qui offre ses services a tous et chacun, il offre parfois de petit service et quelques fois de grand service au gens de son entourage

  • North Bay>, ON
    Mark Desrosiers

    12 years of running dart tournament raising funds for the North Bay Santa fund, to help less fortunate at Christmas. Tournament held in honor of Paul Desrosiers who up until he passed away, even with 4 kids at home, would donate to santa fund...

  • Winnipeg>, MB
    Katie Powell

    Katie founded Save A Dog Network Canada, a volunteer run, nonprofit organization in Winnipeg dedicated to saving Canadian abused and injured dogs in remote communities.Katie networks with many First Nations communities and provides education and resources to these communities with limited or no access to veterinary care...

  • Parry Sound>, ON
    Jacqulyne Vock

    My daughter Jacqulyne is the mother to two very young boys. Theron is 6 and is autistic...

  • Edmonton>, AB
    Teresa Rocque

    Teresa is a single mother of 3 children and has recently become a grandmother. Not only is she a hard working nurse in peds cardiology but she goes out of her way to help many others...

  • Shelburne>, ON
    Sharon Morden

    The Feral Cat Rescue volunteers are a dedicated group run by Sharon who are committed to helping the feral cats in Shelburne and surrounding areas. Their mission is to humanely Trap, Neuter and Return feral cats that reside in Barns, Towns and rural properties and place for adoption...

  • Williams lake>, BC
    Agnes Sargent

    Agnes is a all around great person,she's an amazing loving mother,sister daughter and friend who is always giving a helping hand to everyone around her and expects nothing in return.shes a hard working mother for a young boy she also helps anyone in need without even a thank-you in return...

  • Thunder Bay>, ON
    Samantha Kannegiesser (Adopt-A-Mutt)

    Sam runs Adopt-a-Mutt dog rescue from her home. She is known for taking in the special-needs cases that no one else can handle such as a 1-day-old with a cleft palate or rehabilitating a dog to help it walk again...

  • Fergus >, ON
    Enza Amendola

    Enza has 25 years of service in health care with seniors, brain injuries, Autism, Alzheimer's. She's a community volunteer for several organizations...

  • Kitchener>, ON
    Michelle Myers

    Michelle Myers wanted to do her part for the homeless in our community. She started out with a backpack of Sandwiches and waters...

  • Guelph>, ON
    Lauren Dickson

    She is the most sincere and caring person ever. She has helped me through trauma I have experienced in my life and encourages me to be the best person I can be everyday...

  • Toronto, ON
    Lillian Necakov-Avalos

    My mother is a very giving person.She works hard & is an active member in our community...

  • Edmonton, AB
    Rosy Borkowski

    The Canadian Angel Network Group was founded by Rosy  assisting Ft. Mac evacuees, low income families and more in the Edmonton region and beyond...

  • North Bay, ON
    Parents Lending Autistic Youth Support (P.L.A.Y.S. )

    Thes young womenand mother's work tirelessly, to not only provide a warm loving family atomospere for their own children and husbands. They also are co-founders of an Autism Group called P...

  • Ottawa/Carp>, ON
    Patty McComb

    “Everyone should be able to speak, smile and eat comfortably, but all too often this is jeopardised by poor oral health which can have a significant negative effect on a person’s wellbeing and quality of life,” Older adults in care homes are more likely to have fewer natural teeth, and those with teeth are less likely to have enough teeth to eat comfortably and socialise without embarrassment. Patty McComb is a witness to this and tries to make a difference one patient at a time ...

  • Oshawa>>, ON
    Jacob Ralston

    Jacob Ralston is 13 years old. He's an anti-bullying advocate and he's raising money for Sick Kids for the Jacob’s Healing Rooms project...

  • Notre-Dame-des-Prairies>, QC
    Isabelle Ricard

    Puisqu'elle enseigne en milieu défavorisé, Isabelle fait des galettes déjeuner pour ses élèves les jours où il y a des examens, afin d'être certaine qu'ils aient mangé suffisamment pour être concentrés. Aussi, elle achète des substituts de repas et des collations soutenantes qu'elle distribue à ses élèves qui n'ont pas de lunch ou qui ont des lunchs insuffisants...

  • Peterborough, ON
    Taylor Mallory

    This young lady offers her phone number out at big events near her campus, to everyone and anyone, acting as a Designated Driver, so that she can taxi as many people home safely. I think this is AMAZING, because she is so selfless, and caring...

  • Renfrew>, ON
    Lori Gilks O'Shea

    Lori works at our local hospital and gives to all everyday. In February we travelled to the Dominican for a much needed vacation...

  • St Thomas>, ON
    Carol Clarke

    Carol founded Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation in 1999 to assist orphaned and injured wildlife in Elgin County and vicinity. She is the ‘go-to’ person for local police and government officials...

  • Hillsburgh>, ON
    Claire Upton

    Claire volunteers tirelessly for the children in her community. She is a Roots of Empathy Instructor, helping students to recognize their unique gifts as well as to see the world with compassion...

  • Mississauga>, ON
    Lisa Miadovnik


    Loizza Aquino

    After losing a friend to suicide, Loizza formed a youth-led organization to create conversation to erase the mental health stigma. She has hosted events for 1000+ youth; creating a platform and non-judgemental safe place to speak about their mental-health experiences...

  • Campbell River>, BC
    Emily Koopman

    Emily is the most selfless person I know. From creating her own charity event to constantly being a voice for other charities and organizations, she inspires me to do more and be better...

  • Québec>, QC
    Hans-Jürgen Greif

    Il a créé un fonds pour venir en aide aux meilleurs finissants du conservatoire de musique du Québec et leur offre une bourse de 10000$ pour les encourager à percer dans le domaine. De plus, il offre des bourses aux étudiants universitaires pour qu'ils persévèrent dans leurs études générales et d'allemand...

  • Nigadoo, NB
    Roger Vienneau

    Roger was diagnosed with retinis pigmentosa a year ago. A incurable condition that detariorate his vision until he will be completly blind...

  • Spruce Grove, AB
    Melissa Scaman

    Melissa is a single mom who is super hardworking and amazing. She volunteers with animal shelter, Doctors without borders and environmental organizations...

  • Vancouver, BC
    Anne MacDonald

    Anne MacDonald is an avian vet who recently took on the task of caring for and assisting in rehoming 600 homeless parrots. She works exhausting hours to ensure all birds in her care are handled with compassion and professionalism...

  • Brampton, ON
    One Voice One Team

    Small town Shelburne Ontario has grown exponentially. This once small town community has seen a dramatic cultural shift and some of the challanges that come with change...

  • St-Sixte, QC
    Philippe Boileau

    Philippe travaillait en génie électronique et avait une famille. Il a ete hospitalisé cause contamination de bactéries a son travail qui a détruit son systeme nerveux...

  • Centreville, NS
    Cole Sanford

    Cole is 14 years old and has dedicated his life to school focusing on his grades and helping others. He couches 3 male/female soccer teams for ages 4-10 years of age...

  • Georgetown, ON
    Kaileigh Rabidoux

    Kaileigh is a young lady with a heart of gold. She feeds homeless people when she sees them...

  • Almonte, ON
    Jessica Millar

    My daughter, Jessica, is a hard working mom of my handsome grandson. She has fought hard to make a good life for the two of them, I'm so very proud of her...

  • Hailey Station, ON
    Empty for paws

    Proud founder of Empties for Paws and Ottawa and Valley Lost Pet Network. https://www...

  • Toronto, ON
    Danella Brideau

    Danella is very compassionate. She feeds the homeless people daily in our Community and, in our local parks without any financial assistance...

  • Mississauga, ON
    Julie Vuong

    For the past 2 years, Julie has donated thousands of dollars worth of food and personal hygiene items to the Mississauga Food Bank. She uses her impressive couponing skills to pull off this feat! She is a familiar face at the food bank, making the trip several times a year...

  • Thunder Bay, ON
    Barbara Best

    Barb is constantly helping her community and has been a part of many charities/organizations (Christmas Kettle, Shelter House, Rotary, etc.)...

  • Edmonton, AB
    Dave Bell

    Actually I nominate myself. Sometimes it is just about being a good person with good values...

  • Barrie, ON
    We R A OK

    Kelli and Sher are best friends of over 22 years. Both unemployed at the inception of Random Acts of Kindness, their goal was to help brighten the day of women in need in the Barrie ON community...

  • Bradford, ON
    Team Gracie Belle

    After the tragic loss of their baby Grace, Amy and Chris continue to support Emilie's House Hospice that enabled them to make precious memories with their 8 days with Grace. Raising awareness and funds of approx...

  • Strathroy, ON
    Dianne Zemnicky

    Dianne has been doing R.A...

  • Trenton, ON
    Tim Hogeboom

    In early hours of Nov 15, 2016, unknown to anyone, a fire was burning in the backroom of our Walmart. Tim heroically got everyone out and ran back inside to find a missing associate...

  • North Bay, ON
    Calvin Green

    Between the ages of 11 and 17 Cal created 2 programmes that helped thousands of children living in poverty in his community celebrate their birthdays and access proper footwear. Since that time he has volunteered for countless charities and causes...

  • Milton Queens co, NS
    Debora Wamboldt

    Debbie is very passionate about her children and other children. As a parent of an autistic child she sees the need for a play ground for children with disabilities...