Nous pensons que la bonté réside dans le cœur de chaque Canadien. Aidez-nous à célébrer la bonté! Vous connaissez un Canadien au cœur d'or qui mérite d'être reconnu? Quelqu'un qui travaille à faire de sa collectivité un endroit meilleur. Proposez sa candidature ou votez pour votre candidat préféré dès aujourd'hui!

Le gagnant recevra 10 000 $* pour continuer à faire encore plus de bien autour de lui. Si le récit gagnant représente un effort collectif, le montant du prix sera divisé en parts égales entre les membres de l'équipe gagnante.

* Voir le règlement du concours pour obtenir plus de détails.

NOMMEZ-LE MAINTENANT Les nominations prennent fin le 23 avril 2017.
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  • Barrie>, ON
    We R A OK

    Kelli and Sher are best friends of over 22 years. Both unemployed at the inception of Random Acts of Kindness, their goal was to help brighten the day of women in need in the Barrie ON community...

  • Bradford>, ON
    Team Gracie Belle

    After the tragic loss of their baby Grace, Amy and Chris continue to support Emilie's House Hospice that enabled them to make precious memories with their 8 days with Grace. Raising awareness and funds of approx...

  • Strathroy >, ON
    Dianne Zemnicky

    Dianne has been doing R.A...

  • Trenton>, ON
    Tim Hogeboom

    In early hours of Nov 15, 2016, unknown to anyone, a fire was burning in the backroom of our Walmart. Tim heroically got everyone out and ran back inside to find a missing associate...

  • North Bay >>, ON
    Calvin Green

    Between the ages of 11 and 17 Cal created 2 programmes that helped thousands of children living in poverty in his community celebrate their birthdays and access proper footwear. Since that time he has volunteered for countless charities and causes...

  • Milton Queens co>, NS
    Debora Wamboldt

    Debbie is very passionate about her children and other children. As a parent of an autistic child she sees the need for a play ground for children with disabilities...

  • St. Thomas>, ON
    Lois Jackson

    Lois is the founder of ABCR(All-Breed-Canine-Rescue). Founded in 2005, ABCR rescues animals in local pounds, and owner-surrendered pets,and sees that they get vetcare and good homes...

  • Smiths falls >, ON
    Jill Woods

    She goes out of her way to help so many with there feathered angels. she gives theses souls hope and a place to call home she truly dose go above for people and birds i truly thing Jill should win i could write so much more this woman is a real angel here on earth...

  • Smiths falls>>, ON
    DONNA Macrea

    Donna runs a not for profit animal rescue from her home. This woman goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to homeless cats and kittens...

  • Powassan >, ON
    Diane Godon

    She's been working with mentally/physically challenged people for about 25 years. She's been through giving birth to me with a broken back, to battling cancer...

  • Winkler>, MB
    Katelyn Bueckert

    Katelyn is an 11 year old girl from Winkler, MB. She is very kind and has a very good heart...

  • North Bay>>, ON
    Jean Stone

    Jean Stone spends her life rescuing coonhounds. She sees "community" on an international level...

  • Strathroy>, ON
    Tara Reycraft

    Tara and myself host an annual event called cook for cure with all proceeds donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and our local hospital breast screening program. We have been doing this event for 10 years and to date have raised over $130,000...

  • Ottawa>>, ON
    Amanda Lafferty

    My daughter Amanda moved to Ottawa and graduated with honors from Police Tech when she was 22. Waiting for police academy while working as a loss prevention officer and as a security guard...

  • London>, ON
    Amanda Baker

    Amanda baker is a registered practical nurse at earls court village, she takes care of the elderly helping with medicating and putting them first everyday. She also nominates to take on students helping them succeed, a life passion for her, she hasn't got much but loves to give everything back...

  • Sarnia>, ON
    Maggie Mullins

    I think Maggie Mullins deserves that $10,000 because all she wants to do is help animals. It is her dream to become a Wildlife Veterinarian and travel the world to help endangered animals...

  • Head of Jeddore>>>, NS
    Rick Rector

    Rick Rector is goodness. I met him playing sledge hockey for Halifax Sledge Grinders He donated 1000 to buy team jerseys...

  • Milton>, ON
    Elaine Cray

    Elaine has devoted the last 20 years to the special needs community and recently started the grassroots community program The Special Friends Network designed to create social networks for teens and young adults with special needs. She also champions for the rights of animals, takes care of children and is the greatest friend, daughter, and mom I know...

  • St. thomas, ON
    Sarah Coleman

    Sarah's passion is food security. She teaches others how they can feed theirselves and families healthy food on a budget...

  • Carleton Place>, ON
    Shelly Dickie

    Shelly Dickie is the owner of "Dickies Cause 4 Paws", which is a Not for Profit, NO KILL volunteer based organization. She re-homes stray cats and kittens...

  • Whitby, ON
    Mandy Bothwell

    She is wonderful, she is always helping everyone. My mom has a big heart she always puts others first...

  • Thunder Bay, ON
    Kim Coreau

    Kim has devoted herself to helping the homeless and less fortunate in our community. She tirelessly collects donations, money, food, clothing and necessities to share with those in need...

  • Ormstown>, QC
    Denis Lefrançois

    Il fait preuve de détermination depuis longtemps, il déneige les voisins régulièrement quand une grosse bordée de neige arrive. Depuis plus de 1 ans il travaille à rénover une vieille demeure pour installé sa belle-mère avec sa femme et ses enfants...

  • Oakville, ON
    Troy Hare

    Altruism at it's finest! For four consecutive years, Troy has been a participant, leader and advocate for Wellspring Centres - programs and services that meet the needs of people living with cancer and those who care for them. He was has raised over $30,000 and cycled from Toronto to Miami and New Orleans to raise awareness and support...

  • Thunder Bay, ON
    Kelly Hilton

    Kelly has been a volunteer with Scouts Canada for 30 plus years, she not only provides many youth with opportunities as a Scouter, she takes pride in everything she does when it comes to children. Kelly also volunteers for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and at The River Outreach Street Ministry, doing whatever is needed to assist those in need...

  • Waterloo, ON
    Linnea Walter

    Linnea is a local outreach worker, who goes above and beyond, providing a food hamper, being a counselor, advocate, connecting families with organizations who can help with whatever they need. So many people have been touched by her help in our community...

  • Branpton, ON
    Michelle Kopas

    Following the death of her four year old son Jordan in a terrible accident Michelle started the Jordan Kopas Foundation which helps bring Christmas to kids of teen moms and in shelters. The foundation is in its 16th year...

  • Thunder Bay>, ON
    Kim Tamminen


    Neil Mitchell

    Disabled in 1990 he pushes through back pain to do what he can for others. Over the years we have gone in debt to help others...

  • Montréal, QC
    Marc-André Towner

    Marc-André est un homme qui fait bonne usage de sa grande bonté....

  • Moncton, NB
    Ruth Johnstone

    Ruth has been a volunteer for over 10 years with Hospice Greater Moncton. She gives a course on grief twice a year for seven weeks on one night each week...

  • Ignace, ON
    Pam Flory

    Pam is an amazing woman who gives her heart and soul to rescuing abused and neglected dogs from Northern Reserves She heads Northern Critters In Need with such compassion that I am left in awe of what she does for these fur babies. She has opened her heart and saved so many beautiful dogs...

  • St. Marys, ON
    Carey Pope

    Carey Pope owner of Pass It On Store thrift store is passionate about preserving our environment & helping local and global charities. By contributing all proceeds from the store, she is able to support youth programs, eco-education, arts and culture...

  • St-Léonard, QC
    André Paré

    Mon Oncle, est un homme d'une très grande bonté et générosité toujours prêt à aider son prochain: Ce qu'il fait régulièrement! De plus, c'est un combattant qui a gagné son combat contre le cancer du cerveau ayant été opéré avec succès de 4 à 5 fois depuis 1995: Il est notre héro! Merci! Son neveu, René Bouchard

  • Notre-Dame-du-Nord, QC
    Jacynthe Lefort

    Je suis une conductrice d'autobus scolaire. J'adore le midi aller attacher les patins des étudiants d'une école primaire d'une école est situé d'un village voisin...

  • Yellowknife, NT
    Melanie Parisella

    Elle est professeur a l'école Mc donald .Elle aide tout le monde et s,oublie organisatrice pour des fonds pour aider les plus démunies elle est une personne au grand coeur et une maman formidable elle travaille fort pour ses éleves elle est aimée de tous...

  • Laterrière, QC
    Régis Munger

    Il est le président de L'Arbre du partage qui consiste à habiller chaudement pour l'hiver les élèves démunis du primaire de la Commission scolaire des Rives du Saguenay. Il chapeaute près de 50 personnes...

  • Québec, QC
    Geneviève Méthot

    Toujours disponible pour aider les autres. Initie des actes auprès de son équipe de travail afin d'assurer une bonne harmonie...

  • Upper rawdon, NS
    Sherri Merritt

    I nominate my mom cause she is always trying to help everyone out all the time, she never rests ....

  • Moncton, NB
    Leo Johnson

    Leo Johnson has volunteered for over 30 years helping the poor. Second Chance Workshop, a non-profit agency brings positive change to destitute people...

  • Miramichi, NB
    Kelvin Simonson

    Kelvin is the reason most kids in our community have the chance to play sports. He has devoted countless hours and has paid out of pocket more times then I can count so kids could participate in different sports...

  • Saint John, NB
    Troy Morehouse

    Troy Morehouse developed eFlea Charity Auction in 2004. From its humble beginnings, it has gone on to raise $5,308,000...

  • Trenton, ON
    Kevin Eldridge

    Kevin is a very giving generous man who has stage 4 breast cancer. Battling this for almost 6 years he still has an amazing heart...

  • Scarborough, ON
    Ambrose Cheung

    My dad puts his heart into everything he does. He was an Auxiliary officer for over 30 years...

  • Moncton , NB
    Zoe Gallan

    Zoe, shines a ray of light on everything she does, and everyone she meets. she's spreads kindness almost as she spreads positivity (which is a lot) she would do anything to lend someone a helping hand, no matter the situation and is ALWAYS trying to make someones day better...



  • Thunder Bay , ON
    Taylor Gorrie


  • Midland nb , NB
    Evelyn Hughes

    My mom, called Pat is the kindest woman I have ever met, she had a very hard childhood, she had to quit school in grade 8 to look after her siblings, she looked after the house and the kids, she then would go to the elderly neighbours and read to them, She has Lupus still volunteers at 74,

  • Winnipeg, MB
    Ashley Hayward

    Ashley is an active volunteer as the co-President of Agape House, an emergency shelter for women and children escaping family violence. A pivotal member of the group Baby Blessings which aims to provide items to families in need...

  • Hillsbouagh, NB
    Edward Dostaler

    Fast Eddie ran across Canada and back unsupported to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer and Alzhiemers. He did presentations in schools and tagged on antibullying...